2022…starting into a new dimension

Ready for a real change?

After a real nice time in my home town in franconia, leaving the old year 2021 with a good feeling, lots of drinks and food. Finally the time has come, to start into a new year and into a new dimension.

My business partner in GuFpro and also life time partner Nina, we will marry on tuesday, the 22.02.2022. Yes this date is really unforgettable 🙂

We started our journey together about 7 years ago. We met in Health and Fitness and BOOM, at the beginning of 2017 we opened our first health & fitness place. Business wise and also privately we went through some rough times. Of course there were ups and downs, a lot of crazy happy times, like spending insane money in shorttest time on Oktoberfest, feeling like children, doing all things at once. Emotional tsunamis (sorry, I really don´t have other words for that). Finally realizing that we belong together – no matter what. And believe me, every one of us, tried to run away (at least emotionally). We kept ourselves in check and started growing individually and especially together.

That is us on the picture above. The pictures were taken near Chiemsee in 2016. Those days we flew, but really didn´t know it yet. It felt like a natural growth in every area our lives. Life is getting better. We are both alike – impulsive, impatient and especially demanding. Oh lord.

I have a super surprise for her that I will share with you and her after the wedding. I am really looking forward to it. There is no big deal for now. Closest family. BUT in summer, I will organize a real party, multicultural as we are. A lot of different people, also from different countries. I will keep you updated. This is the biggest news for NOW and also a serious step into our new dimension.

Quick handsup also for other things: the.designpro has already 3 new contracts to „pimp“ shops into another dimension too. Apart from that MN Baumontage GmbH is growing. We are getting organized in every area. GuFpro needs new companies for the company health & fitness sessions. Let´s see what will happen here.

I leave you for today…so the slogan that I created in 2016 for our GuFpro business is finally taken over our private life.

READY FOR A REAL CHANGE? YES. And some of you may know that the other slogan of GuFpro is „Do It Better!“ That´s what I do! See you!

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