Von der Dunkelheit ins Licht
Von der Dunkelheit ins Licht

Fünf Euro müssen reichen

More than 20 years passed by…a lot of different experiences that shaped my being till today and will shape it every day in the future. We are blessed to be alive and experience the varieties of our being. So different, but still so much alike.

I went through a lot of things in private and business life, that may stop some people from following their own dreams. It stopped mine for sometimes. So we are more alike as one may think. We all face our challenges and we all have the chance to learn from every experience we consciously living through.

Those days my concept of business was completely different from the one I have today. In one sentence: Growing, even if it hurts, will change your life.

Every step of my way I learned something important for my life. Yes, some things took a lot of time and also sometimes a lot of repetitions. After all, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you just stick to your gut.

I had a lot of different people from all over the world around me, that influenced my being. Consciously und subconsciously I actually took apart from every being and adapted it in my way of life. The world can be a really beautiful place.

Now I am having a moving night with my wife. So I will hurry up to be home just in time. So long

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