Von der Dunkelheit ins Licht

The year 2022 is nearly finished

The year is coming to an end. Once more a year just literally flew by. Wow.

What can I say? Mainly I was working a lot, less then before, obviously more effective, but somehow I feel this year of different activities. I never told you that we also decorate. So we did a Wiesn Warm Up and a Halloween Deco for a big disco here in Munich. It’s really nice, but a lot of work indeed.

Mainly I focused on the.designpro during the year. A big part is always MN Baumontage Gmbh – yes I organized the Christmas party on the 10.12.2022 again, it was truly nice. Mostly I love about my self created work that I can help people to improve their business. Here is a picture of my latest work – before and after:

I hope that the owner will appreciate his new business. It is looking way better than before. Thanks again to Flötzinger Bräu. That was my 4.th project with them. We soon have a last one for this year.

Here you can get an impression of the latest work in 2022:

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