Ready for a real change?


The last few days and month flew really by. I mentioned that before, that time is mostly relative, but in general I have the impression that the last few month are really in a hurry to pass by.

Nevertheless I always try to make the best out of my days. 24 hours ain’t enough to DO ALL the things one would like to do, but mostly there is another day. So without hurry and more ease I realized that I stressed myself way too much inside because of several things. We often built our own pressure, stress and circumstances that make us really a „pain in the ass“.

I enjoyed my days and as I may have mentioned before, that I focus more on my hobby – fishing. That includes leaving the office earlier, leaving things to be for another day – and – it works so far.

I wish you guys too to structure your life into something beautiful and amazing that you love.

Here I share some impressions of my hobby fishing. Enjoy your days and I keep you updated.

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