Ready for a real change?

February – April 2021

3 month, „OMG“, just flew by, we are already in may 2021. That is really no complaining – just a realization.

Different people, especially of our older generation told me often, the older you get, the time seems to move way faster. Well, there are even different attempts to explain this, also in science.

I actually don’t focus and don’t worry too much about this phenomenon. For me personally exists NOW – this was, is and will be forever. The NOW. By the way, there is good knowledge and explanation about this topic out there. A lot of „known“ people speak about it, like Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru or Mooji.

Many „teachers“ actually try to explain to people this secret of and to life. Nevertheless I feel the following: the more I do, the more responsibility I have and hobbies and so on, being busy, the faster the time goes by. Enough of TIME, back to LIFE.

I spend most of the 3 month working on, for and with different companies, especially MN Baumontage GmbH, the.designpro and GuFpro. A part from that I am actually redesigning two businesses and helping them to promote themselves in new and fresher looks. One with a whole new CI. Of course this is part of my work with the.designpro.

We bought again two new motor vehicles for MN (plz check the picture here in the blog), I am installing our own NAS server as well as new iMacs. We will have finally a really good organized IT infrastructure for our businesses. Ready for the next steps. Of course there is daily business with daily challenges concerning clients, suppliers, workers, co-workers, partners and also very important things concerning our cleaning personnel or delivery.

Apart from that I started in middle of February 2021 a tiktok account to check for myself what is going on there. You can see it here: misterh_hman.
As professional I needed to find out more about „how it works“, of course I also tried a lot of different suggestions to get viral – recommendation from tiktok users with a lot of followers and likes. Honestly I find out till now that many of them just talk a lot for whatever reasons. One gave an advice that every video goes viral (that means you will be shown on the FORYOU page of tiktok and you will have many viewers), by posting three times a day. Another blablabla. At least it helped me to come up with my own strategy. So I dedicated myself to post 3 times a day tips and once a week extra, that means 22 posts a week. Tip of the morning, day and night. That helps me personally to stay on and also be creative. I like giving tips anyway. There we are again: first and foremost do what you love.

Apart from that the daily post of my.guiding.light on Facebook. There are others once in awhile for, Paulus Lomi and Godspeed.

On this main page you can choose any of them and find out more about it.

Of course there is a privat life, it needs also time, energy and dedication to succeed. More about that another time. Have a great may 2021. I’ll be back.

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