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May-September 2021

Really, yes it’s true!

Hello again,

unbelievable, I am sitting here and another 5 months passed by. Well, what can I say…if you are busy, then you will realize that the time just flies by like a fly in the sky. Anyhooo.

I am actually happy about the last 5 months of my life and if you want it or not, I will tell you about it, because this is first of all my page, second of all I truly pay for it and third – if people admit it or not – they may even learn from it…SO…welcome to my world. Happy to meet you, wherever you came from, enjoy it or or or not.

In May we already set up for moving from the city to the countryside. Awesome – after 20 years of city life – I actually found my way back to the country side and I am truly happy about that. I connected way more to nature already, more to come, even if I still work long hours every day. Hi survivalcamps I am finally coming close to you…
A project that I have in my heart since 2006, originally created to help kids to find their way back to nature and not just play games online or wherever every day.

May to June 2021 – moving house, activating the new life on the countryside. Probably I already told you that I started a theoretical class for making my fishing license online, also because of corona, in march 2021. Because of Covid-19 it took a while that we could have the practical day – and yes – there you need to kill a fish according to the law. Do it RIGHT! Finally in July 23. I did the theoretical test in Landsberg (nice city by the way) and finished it with 58 points of 60. You have 5 different areas and to every area you need to answer 12 questions (50% of every area need to be right). There are over 1.200 questions. If you will not prepare, probably you will fail. I did not and I am looking for more. Actually – probably next year – I will go for my hunting license. Maybe this year I still do the motor boat license. I will let you know 😉

After moving and starting working in fitness again – because from beginning of June 2021 the fitness opened again, I did not even realize how quick the time passed by. Boom already in August 2021 – the month of August 2021 I focused, besides of the businesses, on my new hobby fishing. The picture you see in this blog was my second catch. 105 cm – pretty big, but the lady is save back in the water of the müritz, a big lake in Germany. In short time I tried to get a lot of experience because I took my fishing start pretty serious. Right now I am waiting for my Kajak that will allow me to even fish on a higher level.

Soon I will share more. Thedesignpro is also pretty busy at the moment. Sooooo…I have a lot of things to do, but I am pretty happy. Enjoy your life everyday and we link up soon. Greetings and blessings.

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