Oktober-Dezember 2021

Another year flew by with a lot of challenges, ups and downs, lessons to learn, beautiful and sad situations. After all it is just life, right? Nevertheless one of the hardest and the only one we have in this dimension 😉

As I told you earlier this year 2021 I lost my granny. Nearly one year ago, can’t believe it.
Fishing license done, boat license theoretically (a lot to learn, if you really new to the topic), the practical exam I will have in spring time 2022 and finish the license. Probably this summer: hunting license, then enough for a while. Hoping to get accepted by a fisherman society nearby this year. This would make fishing way easier and obviously also cheaper. Let’s see.

The new year, well a few days done, started with a new business to „pimp“ – I will have the appointment next week. Some consulting and design will help to optimize the success of this new potential client. With MN Baumontage GmbH it was a very demanding few last months of 2021, especially july and august were somehow really bad, BUT all turned out very well after all.

In 2022 the.designpro will also promote more the event service that we offer. The last one we did was SWEET Club in Munich for halloween. Was a lot of work in short time, but worth the effort. A lot of FUUUUNNN and of course a lot of sweat 😉

Towards the end of the year nearly no time for fitness, I focus more on it in 2022, also here I will keep you updated. The last few days of this year 2021 I spend in my old home town in Franconia. After a long time (I guess it was 6 years), finally Christmas together with my family. Well, what can I say, eating, drinking, sleeping and repeating. Family of course and some good time to finally lay back and also watch some series on Netflix. Casa de Papel, Yellowstone and THE WITCHER. Now I am on Cobra Kai, well the good old 80´s coming back. Looking forward to an amazing year 2022.

CHEERS 2021! Thank you for everything.

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